Delivered By
Pastor Mike Sanchez
Delivered On
September 8, 2019 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Acts 8:1-8
Acts of the Holy Spirit, the Unfinished Work of Jesus

From Pastor Mike's Good Morning message in the bulletin:

Today I want you to think about what it means to be contagious. Usually we think of contagion as related to a disease and we stay away. However, I believe that each of us has a responsibility to be a contagious Christian.

As Christians we have been given the gift of life because of what Jesus did on the cross. There are many diseases today that are deadly, but the deadliest of all is the disease of sin. People who are infected with the disease of sin, and the bible tells us that all of us are infected, (Romans 3:23) are in mortal danger and need the antidote.

In 1925 a diphtheria epidemic threatened Nome Alaska. In the most famous event in the history of Alaskan mushing Dr. Curtis Welch refused to use outdated serum and sent out a call for fresh antitoxin. The nearest supply was in Anchorage nearly one thousand miles away. Twenty mushers and nearly one hundred dogs took the twenty-pound cylinder of antitoxin the 674 miles from Nenana to Nome to save lives in the most terrible conditions. Can you cross the room, or the street, or the town with the lifegiving gospel?

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