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Why Give?

Giving is Worship! He has given us everything. We give back to Him as an act of gratitude and worship. We give to help others receive what we have received. We give because it helps us to grow more like Him.

Did you know that Jesus spoke about our attitude towards and use of our finances and possessions more than he spoke of heaven, hell or prayer? Actually it is second only to love as a subject of his teachings.

God told the Israelites to bring the “first fruits” of their harvests, a tenth of all their increase, and to bring offerings beyond that to celebrate God’s blessings in their lives. The purpose of that giving was to provide support for those who taught God’s Word to the people, to provide for the maintenance of the place where they gathered to worship, and to care for widows and orphans who had no means of sustenance, but most of all to grow them in their trust of and relationship with God. In good times or bad, in the wilderness or the Promised Land, they were to give to God first and trust Him to meet their needs. Many through the ages have testified to God’s faithfulness and the blessing He gives in response to trusting Him to meet our needs.

Giving causes us and others to give glory to our Lord. Giving is not an obligation through which we gain favor with God, it is an expression of gratitude for the favor He freely gives to us.

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